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I have many stories from playing Ultima Online as it has been 15+ years of my gaming life. Many friends were made in Ultima Online that I cherish to this day.

Ultima Online started in 1997 and continues to this day.

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History of Britannia - UO Version

A long time ago existed a world called Sosaria. It was a wonderful place, with rolling hills of green grass with colored flowers, wondrous mountains, marvelous creatures, and glorious cities with wide avenues and intricate architecture. It was a time of music, art and gentle magics.

There was in this golden time, a wise sorcerer. This sorcerer knew many wondrous things, including the secret of time and immortality. In his wisdom he understood the needs for man’s time to be limited. He was content to live life as it should, to come and go within your time. With these magics he crafted a Gem that would focus and encourage all things to be good and bright in Sosaria. He had a son, who was not wise or good. Mondain was this wise sorcerer’s son.


Mondain killed his father and claimed the powerful Gem. He used his powers to corrupt and change the brilliant faceted Gem. He called the Gem, the Gem of Immortality. With the Gem of Immortality Mondain was immortal and invincible. Mondain started a campaign to conquer all of Sosaria. Wherever his power spread, his lands were ruled with evil. During this time this powerful Gem was also known as the Gem of Darkness. For a thousand years all who opposed him were slain. Sosaria’s bright days were lost.

Across the land was a wise and magical king. He knew we could not destroy Mondain, so the king formed a plan. He used his magics to create a powerful summoning spell to being forth a being to rid his kingdom Britannia and all of Sosaria of the evil Mondain. His summoning spell would create a gate where a hero would arrive to Sosaria. This hero did arrive, he was known as the stranger from another world.

It did not take long for the stranger to see the evil and corruption Mondain held over our hurting world. This stranger befriended many friends to help him get to Mondain. This stranger was called a hero to some, and the Avatar to others. The ultimate plan of the stranger was to shatter the Gem of Immortality. Mondain was too powerful and invincible to perish now. But to go back in time before Mondain’s power took over the Gem. Unfortunately there was a catch, which would change Sosaria forever.

The stranger approached Mondain and the Gem of Immortality. With one quick stroke Mondain’s reign was over. Mondain was slain and the Gem was shattered. Once the Gem was shattered, the control over Sosaria was not broken. As the Gem’s magic power over Sosaria had been already cast trapping all of Sosaria inside of it. Once the Gem shattered into a thousand shards, a cataclysm occurred which caused destruction all over Sosaria. Each shard held a likeness of Sosaria inside of it. Each with its own history, people and sometimes a changed geography.

Once Mondain was gone, peace flourished again. The king who brought forth the Avatar unified Sosaria, which brought forth Britannia. Once a simple kingdom, Britannia is what the known world is now called.

The Avatar returned to his land awaiting for the next time he will be summoned to help Britannia. Seers has said that this hero existed in a shard that has only been seen in dreams. They say he saved Britannia many times over.


Mondain had an apprentice, Minax. She was young, cruel and talented in the dark arts of magic. More than just his apprentice, Minax was Mondain’s lover. Together they had researched sciences unknown to Britannia. This research created a self-aware computer-like entity called Exodus. Exodus was the child of Mondain and Minax. As Minax seeked revenge against all of Britannia, her undead army attacked Britannia for years. On some shards the brave people were able to defeat her, others she captured part of Britannia and claimed it as her own.

On many shards Britannia was split into two “worlds”. These facets, named after the twin moons Trammel and Felucca, catered to Minax and as well as the wise king. Trammel is the peaceful facet and Felucca is the facet which caters to Player Killers.

Minax reappears from time to time to bring forth her evil ways. Her army is currently trying to control all of the Felucca facet, her army is one of four factions trying to do so.


The combination of the Gem shattering and the energy of the cataclysm caused time, space and reality to bend. Exodus once a machine is reborn as an amalgam of human, daemon and machine. Exodus lives in the mountains of Ilshenar among the city of the Gargoyles. Scholars of Britannia agree that the entire city of Gargoyles has been enslaved. Exodus’ plan created an army of stone golems. This army was defeated, however Exodus was not finished. Exodus brought forth the ancient savage race called the Juka. Also, Exodus has allied with Lord Blackthorn, the evil lord who was a trusted advisor of the wise king.

Lord Blackthorn was more than just an advisor. He was a close friend to the wise king. Blackthorn promoted ruling a land by acceptance of all choices of lifestyle and thought. A secret desire to rule Britannia for himself corrupted his mind and Exodus provided a cyborg body. Now Blackthorn’s will to see to world of Britannia to fall under his own rule. Lord Blackthorn is a skilled alchemist and has knowledge of the lost dark arts.

The Wise King

The wise king, also known as Lord British, was left his land of Britannia. He is been fighting evil in other dimensions for many years now. Eventually he may return, as his homeland is far away from Britannia. When Lord British was a child a strange moongate appeared bring him forth to Sosaria. He did meet up with a kind Mage and was schooled with all of the Britannian knowledge. Lord British was a powerful man, creating one of the original 6 kingdoms in Sosaria. He did succeed as ruler of all of Sosaria calling the land Britannia after his kingdom.

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