The World of Utlima

Ultima is the original RPG from Lord British (Richard Garriott) launched back in 1979 and continued through 1999. Many inspiring games were created ranging from medieval times through modern day Earth with spaceships and time travel.

  • Aklabeth is considered technically Ultima
  • The original games (Ultima I and II) were published from Sierra Online.
  • Ultima III - VI were published by Origin Systems Inc. including The Worlds of Ultima series (The Savage Empire and Martian Dreams).
  • Origin Systems Inc. was acquired by Electronic Arts in 1992 and published Ultima VII - IX.

Electronic Arts continued the series with Ultima X- Odyssey (did not ship, cancelled in 2004), Lords of Ultima (similar to Civilizations, Ultima name used only with No Ultima Lore.), and Ultima Forever (Spring 2013 for iOS).

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