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From the Diary of Duke Greagoir Pendragon - A Shroud of the Avatar tale - Week 3

Another beautiful and sunny day. I look towards the east and see how the sun radiates off of Brittany Castle. I can feel the electricity in the air with busy streets and places for Novians And Outlanders to go to. Most of us Outlanders who have lived in Novia consider ourselves more Novian than where we came from.

I found a good price on taming collars and have decided to boost up my skills in my most favorite profession - Animal Taming. Back in Old Britannia, I have tamed quite a bit of different animals. Fire Steeds, Nightmares, War Horses, and my favorite - Dragons and Wyrms.

Seeing new places always excites me. This week I am focusing more away from Elysium and into the north woods past the mountain passes. These passes have a lot of bad news in them. I feel good that I am able to run through the passes now. I used to just die and my ghost would float to the other side. Transporting items is not an ideal way through the passes as the weight can definitely slow you down and make you a bigger target to the ruffians. Do that not even animals want you to pass through there. Been attacked many times. Now I can defend myself with my faithful companion.

I make my way through Longfall into South Paladis. My first stop is the towns of Jannaford and Bramble. These two towns are very nice. Jannaford seems more busy with property taken close to the entrance. Bramble has only two lots taken. Writing this down in my blank book I will need to tell the other citizens of Dara Brae. Maybe one will want to make that trip between here and Dara Brae. It seems like we have a taker. My friend and long time namesake, Dara Brae (the person), wants to take this head on and open a Dara Brae Supply up in Bramble. Dara Brae (the person) took his name to honor the Nature Spirit who overlooks and protects the island.

As I travel all over the north there are good towns all over. Right now I don't think we want to travel too far north as the journey right now takes a few hours.

The trip takes a detour once I hear about Spite. Another citizen of Dara Brae, Kaley Brae, likes the town of Spite. She has spite in her so this makes sense. I talk to her about the long trip making many hours and she is ready for the responsibility. She wants to make our gathered resources and goods available up there in her own Dara Brae Supply. She places a row house down by the docks where you can take the ferry to the dungeon Malice. Kaley took the last name of Brae to honor the Nature Spirit of Dara Bare who overlooks and protects the island.

Back to taming and training. One of my passions is taming and caring for animals. Making them feel safe and loved. I have one pet that I keep with my during my shorter travels. Malvina, my spotted bunny. She lives traveling so many times you will see me with her running through town. I started trying to tame a Large Polar Bear. Oops. These guys are just bad news and rips me a new one quickly. I could sense that my chances were very low. So off to the woods of Perennial Coast. After many, many hours I raise my abilities up. I use the tame and release method so the animals can still remain home.

4B has an taming event today so I travel to the Island of Wonders for the 4Beasts store opening event. Lots of great questions and answers, with many I did not know. Luckily for me I won third place for my taming knowledge. Not the most knowledgeable yet but I am learning with every tame attempt. Sindariya will even give me a lesson. This makes me smile.


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