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Akalabeth is free from GOG. OR is that Akallabeth?

No matter how you spell this classic RPG game from Richard Garriott it is free on  Some call this as Ultima 0 others call it D&D 30. IT does not matter.  What? You say the name is really Akallabeth? I will have to get to the bottom of this.

Here is what D&D 1 - D&D 29 Richard Garriott programmed on a PDP-11 mini computer looked like and this is what those are stored on - Paper tape! I know I have seen this at Portalarium myself.


Now is it:



(Richard "Lord British" Garriott's, original "Akallabeth!" (yes, the original spelling included two "L's" in the title) Dungeons & Dragons campaign he designed as a teenager, and that became the foundation of his first commercial RPG, "Akalabeth.)

Ok, mystery solved, It is Akalabeth. Whew.  Still pick it up for free! The Akallabeth is a physical copy of the game notes as a reward you can get if you pledge as a collector level as a Founder (pledged before April 2014) at

Download Akalabeth for free from here.


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