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Congratulations new ONBE and Royal Warrant #LBSOTA

Congratulations to the latest recipients of Lord British's "Order of New Britannian Empire" ONBE Medal or Royal Warrant! These were televised as part of the Community Awards segment on Shroud of the Avatar's Cyber Monday Streamathon on December 1, 2014.

ONBE Medal

  • Fenyx4
  • Melchoir Meijer
  • Stile Teckel
  • Riya
Royal Warrant

  • Origin Museum lead by Joe Garrity (also received an ONBE at the HoBLotH II event in November 2014)
  • Hearth of Britannia lead by Joesph Toshlog (both the Royal Warrant and ONBE received at the HoBLotH II event in November 2014. Plus public announcement at the Cyber Monday Streamathon.)
  • Order of Vengeance lead by Duke Violation
  • The Bear Tavern accepted by Balec
  • Avatar's Radio lead by Amber Raine
  • Society of Dungeoneering lead by Languard and Aartemis
  • Plus our very own Dara Brae, the Celtic Holdfast chaired by Duke Greagoir.
Well done all!
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